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So, you heard all that’s good about GreenLife, and you want a healthier cookware.  But is it any good? In this post, I will go through with you all you need to know all about this cookware as well as review some of its top rated range. But first up, let’s find out what exactly it is.

What is GreenLife?

GreenLife is a new cookware brand that is quickly gaining popularity due to its innovative use of Thermolon nonstick coating. In this regard, it’s different from most nonstick cookware coated with Teflon. What makes this coating considered safer, healthier, and more eco-friendly is that it’s made from inorganic composition. In other words, it is free of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), lead, and cadmium. By comparison, Teflon, is a brand name that has become synonymous with PTFE. In other words, Teflon is PTFE.

So is PTFE bad?

That depends who you ask, and it has been around since the 60s. However, there have been reports that toxic fumes from the PTFE chemical released by exposing the Teflon-coated cookware at high temperatures (like 500 degree F) may actually kill pet birds and cause flu-like symptoms in humans. Due to this, you should always be wary of how you use the cookware. Only cook over low or medium heat, but never over high heat with nonstick cookware.

And what if you accidentally ingest those PTFE flakes that come off the cookware? On this matter, you need not worry, as solid PTFE flakes are not toxic.

OK, we know that GreenLife is the safer, healthier choice, but, again, is it any good? Let’s find out.

About GreenLife Cookware

GreenLife Soft Grip 14pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set
GreenLife Gourmet Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Hard Anodized 12pc Cookware Set

Though relatively new in the market, GreenLife already has a few product lines. Each line varies slightly from the other, but they are all made of aluminum with Thermolon nonstick, ceramic surfaces and steel disks in the base for induction compatibility. This means they are very versatile, easy to clean, and oven safe. In addition, they are also very affordable, which makes for a great buy.

But when it comes to durability, and I don’t care how others try to argue with you about this, ceramic-coated cookware (which is what GreenLife offers) is not going to be as long lasting as stainless steel or copper cookware. Also, it is easier for it to be scratched or chipped. Therefore, if durability is your main concern, it’s best that you look for a cookware that is made of stainless steel or copper instead. You can check out our coverage on them on the other pages.

Anyway, the number one reason people choose GreenLife products is because it is better for the safety and health of their family as well as better for the environment.

Here are my GreenLife cookware reviews to quickly help you decide the best one to get.

GreenLife Soft Grip 14pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

GreenLife cookware reviews - GreenLife Gourmet Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Hard Anodized 12pc Cookware Set

What’s included?

  • 1-quart cvd saucepan
  • 2-quart cvd saucepan
  • 5-quart cvd stockpot
  • 9.5″ / 2.6-quart cvd skillet
  • 7″ open fry pan
  • 9.5″ open fry pan

The Soft Grip range is made of aluminum coated with Thermolon for its excellent nonstick properties. Featuring soft grip handles made of bakelite, which is a type of plastic that is resistant to heat and non flammable, it’s comfortable to hold during normal cooking, and is also oven safe up to 350F.  One neat trick to identify if the handle is really bakelite is to rub it with your thumb until it heats up, and then take a whiff after that.  A distinct chemical odor will linger with genuine bakelite.

The aluminum construction makes the cookware fairly light while also ensuring fast and even heat distribution. Because it’s also coated with ceramic, this makes the pots and pans very easy to clean, even after heavy use.  Or if you prefer, just load everything into the dishwasher, as it’s also dishwasher safe. That said, to try and avoid scratches, you might want to make sure it does not knock your silverware or other dishes. So, make sure everything is properly packed.

But of course, all ceramic or nonstick coated cookware has a shelf life, and the Soft Grip range is no exception. It has been reported that with everyday use, the Soft Grip can last for about a year until its coating starts to wear off.

You can get this induction-compatible cookware in either turquoise, black, or red here

GreenLife Gourmet Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Hard Anodized 12pc Cookware Set

GreenLife cookware reviews - GreenLife Gourmet Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Hard Anodized 12pc Cookware Set

What’s included?

  • Skillet 9.5″
  • Saucepan 1Qt
  • Saucepan 2Qt
  • 4.8Qt Stockpot
  • 7″ frypan
  • 9.5″ frypan
  • 2 utensils

While the Soft Grip range is made of aluminum with Thermilon coating, the Gourmet range is made of anodized aluminum with the same surface. This gives the cookware extra strength and durability while enabling great heat distribution. The handles of the pots and pans are stainless steel, and are oven safe up to 430F, which is more than the Soft Grip range. Moreover, to strengthen them, they are also attached with rivets. These rivets do require extra effort to clean around them, as they are the only parts of the cookware that are not non-stick.

Also stainless steel are the handles of the lids, and the lids are tempered glass and clear.  It’s a shame though that these lids have no steam vent holes; otherwise, they would’ve be perfect, as they can help prevent any bubbling over. Because the range is, again, made of anodized aluminum, it’s not dishwasher safe and induction compatible. To clean and preserve it,  hand-wash it with a gentle detergent and warm water.​ Also, allow the pots and pans to cool down before you go to work.  With proper care, it has been reported that even after 2 years, the pans were still performing well, making them more durable than the Soft Grip range.

Nevertheless, like the Soft Grip range, its ceramic coating is not immune to wear and tear; as it, too, will eventually wear off after repeated use.

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