Cuisinart Cookware Reviews

Cuisinart is one of the top brands for stainless steel cookware. The stainless steel Cuisinart cookware sets are often compared with All Clad cookware, although there is no argument about All Clad being on top of everyone else (for the price as well.)

Cuisinart cookware is the more affordable option for those who have expensive tastes, and will certainly please you if you think of quality before anything else.

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Best Cuisinart Cookware

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware

cuisinart multiclad proThere are two main selections for Cuisinart stainless steel cookware, the Multiclad and the Chef’s Classic. The Multiclad Pro is the better set of Cuisinart cookware you can buy, albeit at about $100 difference from the Chef’s Classic recommended below.

If you think it’d be great to have a whole set of cookware that will last a decade long, definitely go for the splurge and get the Multiclad Pro 12-piece set. This Cuisinart cookware set has all the pots and pans you’ll ever need with interchangeable lids, is really sturdy and well-made, and works on all kinds of cooktops.

You may have heard that the best stainless steel cookware is clad with layers of different metals. That’s true. This Cuisinart cookware set has a high quality 18/10 stainless steel inner surface that is non-reactive with food, combined with a layer of aluminum sandwiched in the middle for great heat conductivity, and a magnetic stainless steel exterior that works with induction cooktops. And, this is really important, all three layers run up the sides for a complete and even heating.

So what, you ask. This means no burning spots. Place that piece of chicken breast anywhere on the pan, and you’ll see that it cooks evenly on its flat side. There’s no need to rotate the fritters around the pan to get them all cooked in the same color. Soups and stews boil more quickly and evenly.

The long handles feel really solid and are tightly riveted to the pans. Even after years of use, you won’t feel as if the handle is going to fall off when lifting a full pan of chicken. Long handles stay cool but you’ll need a mitten when handling the short handles on the stockpot and saute pan.

Overall this is an exceptional cookware set, and I would get this Cuisinart set if I’m looking for a high quality stainless steel set that I can afford easily.

Cuisinart Budget Stainless Steel Cookware

Cuisinart Chefs ClassicFor a budget below $200, the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic range may be a sweeter option. The Chef’s Classic comes in a 10-piece stainless steel set or a hard anodized non stick set of various sizes.

The main difference between this stainless steel Cuisinart cookware set and the Multiclad Pro set is the construction of the pan or pot. While the Multiclad has three layers all around, the Chef’s Classic set only has three layers at the base of the pan or pot. The walls or sides are a single layer of high grade stainless steel. This set is also not induction friendly.

That being said, this Cuisinart cookware set is still a high quality stainless steel cookware with great value for your money.

Both stainless steel sets are dishwasher safe, and anything that doesn’t come off can be easily cleaned with a little help of Bar Keeper’s Friend, which is everyone’s friend really.

Cuisinart Hard Anodized Cookware

Cuisinart Chefs Classic hard anodized cookwareThe hard anodized nonstick cookware set is easier to use for new cooks, but they’re not something you’d put into the dishwasher even though the manufacturer says you can. You’ll also need to give them the soft utensil and sponge treatment, avoid stacking them or scratching the surfaces in any way. On the bright side, these are very, very easy to wash.

The 11-piece set is a nice size for a 2-3 person home, if you don’t have any existing cookware to start with. Each pot or pan is surprisingly light and manageable, even the large 4-quart saute pan.

The glass lids are a nice touch in this Cuisinart cookware set. I actually prefer these than the opaque covers of the stainless steel sets. If you’re getting a new set of cookware for someone who has just started to cook, consider the hard anodized non stick Cuisinart cookware.

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