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Unless you’re an avid chef, stone cookware would surely be something that is relatively new to you. Aside from not being as popular as the alternatives available on the market, pure stone cookware is heavy. Stone bakeware was a real hit back in the day. Bakers and chefs alike were intrigued and impressed that when stone cookware was used, there was a slight difference when it came to the taste and the aroma of the cuisine that was cooked.

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Stone Cookware Reviews 2019

Best Stone Cookware Set – Stoneline 8-Pc Set

stoneline set

Stoneline has launched their all-purpose 8 piece cookware set that works excellently on almost all surfaces that include the induction top.

The first time I used the Stoneline set, I was amazed. The cooking surface of the cookware had a beautiful crushed stone coating that gave an elegant feel to the cookware.

Other than giving the cookware a distinct look, the surface of the cookware also was on par with other synthetic non stick surfaces. I could even make omelets without using a drop of oil. My cooking just slid off the cookware.

Best Basic Stone Cookware Set – Stoneline 3-Pc Set

Stoneline - Non-stick Stone Cookware - 3 Piece SetIf you are just looking to add a couple of pieces of stone cookware to your kitchen, the Stoneline 3-piece set is an excellent option.

Not only does it have all the perks of the cookware set, it is priced a lot lower compared to complete cookware sets.

Both the pot and the 11-inch deep frying pan work excellently. Heat transfer is effective, food cooks evenly and the best part is nothing sticks.

Best Stone Pan – Ozeri Stone Earth Pan

stone panThe Ozeri Stone Earth pan passed my frying test. I fried practically any sticky thing I could think of in this pan, and nothing even remotely stuck to the pan.

The handle was sturdily attached to the pan, and I am certain that it’ll last quite a while.

The pan weighed a lot more than the other pieces of stone cookware I’ve used and upon investigation, this so-called ‘green pan’ was actually not PTFE-free.

Well, in terms of cooking and heat distribution and quality, this pan is still much better than any Teflon non stick pan.

Why Use Stone Cookware?

Stone cookware has a natural nonstick surface and is one of the kings of slow cooking. Stone cookware retains heat well, so if you’re looking for cookware that would cook your food evenly at an even pace, stone would be something you should look at. Stone cookware is also oven friendly and can handle high heat. This means you’ll be able to use stone cookware for almost any kind of cooking.

Modern Stone Lined Cookware

However, if pure stone cookware aren’t for you, you’d still be able to benefit from cookware that have a stone lining on its surface. Many manufacturers have now started lining regular steel and aluminium cookware with a stone lining to give it a non-stick surface.

Other than the surface, you’d sure love the prominent and enhanced flavor your food would have thanks to the crushed stone surface. Cookware like this are generally lighter but compared to pure stone cookware, they miss out on the heat retention characteristics. So I for one would prefer the new and improved versions of fusion stone cookware. This is only because if I wanted cookware with excellent heat retention, I’d go to my best cast iron cookware instead.

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