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I love copper cookware. It has excellent heat transmission and is quick to adapt to temperature changes. This feature is what makes copper cookware loved and adhered all around the world by professionals and home cooks alike. The shimmery brownish appearance withholds many secrets. Never would you imagine that perfect cuisine could be acquired by these beautiful pieces of cookware.

Let’s get something out of the way, copper cookware is beautiful but needs a lot of maintenance work to keep it that way, so if you’re someone who’s got no time to spare for polishing cookware, please look at my cookware reviews for other types. Also, copper cookware is at the highest price range; most people would settle for the best stainless cookware sets.


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Copper Cookware Reviews 2019

Best Budget Copper Cookware Set – T-Fal C836SC Ultimate 12-Pc Set

T-fal C836SC Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Cookware SetMost people who’re buying their first copper cookware set will not buy the best one in the market, simply because copper cookware is so expensive. For a budget set of copper bottomed cookware that a first timer will appreciate, you’ll want to check out the T-Fal C836SC Ultimate 12-Piece set.

Although not a true copper cookware set, this cookware set has stainless steel pots and pans with a copper lined base that will help with the heat transmission and control.

Be warned that the copper is very thin. If you’re looking for a true copper set I would recommend those below, but if you’re budget tight this is a nice set that works well.

Best Clad Bonded Copper Cookware Set – All Clad 5-Ply Copper Core Set

copper core
All Clad is a brand with excellent copper core clad bonded cookware, but be forewarned that they can be expensive. The good news though, is that you will get awesome quality and even better performance.

The great thing about this All Clad 600822 cookware set is the impressive heat control. The good thing about control is that you’ll be able to create masterpieces if you’re good at cooking. The bad thing about control is that you’ll burn your food if you don’t know when to turn down the heat.

If you’re transitioning from stainless steel to these copper cookware, remember to start with lower heat than you would normally use. It’s easier to crank up the heat when you need it because the copper core will help heat up the cookware real fast.

As the heat is distributed evenly with this set of great quality, I’m happy to see that food doesn’t burn in spots and the cookware is so easy to clean up afterward.

My favorite piece of All Clad copper core cookware is the 5-ply fry pan, but if you feel like you can afford to splurge on the whole set, go ahead and get it. You will never regret the purchase and it will certainly last you a lifetime or more.

Best Tri-Ply Copper Cookware Set – Calphalon Tri-Ply 10-Pc Set

calphalon tri ply copper set

The Calphalon Tri-Ply cookware set is an excellent copper cookware set. It has an aluminium core and a copper exterior that makes it very sensitive to temperature changes. The 18/10 stainless steel interior also was an excellent touch. This non-reactive surface enables me to cook just about anything using this 10-piece set of cookware.

I can even use these pots and pans for my signature sear and bake because all of these pieces are oven friendly up to 450. The set has a saute pan, 2 omelet pans and 3 saucepans which is more than enough for any home cook. This set is also sturdy and versatile enough to be used by professional chefs.

The saucepans are the best pieces of copper cookware. I simply need to deglaze this 2 ½ quart saucepan and I get perfect sauce or gravy finish every time. Thanks to the stainless steel lining, bits and pieces of ingredients that I used naturally stick to the bottom and can be deglazed easily.

Stews were also easy to make because I could simmer or boil whatever I wanted thanks to the deep design. The stainless steel lid also kept the moisture in so the broth I was making never dried up. Obviously, be removing the lid you’d be able to thicken whatever you were making.

More About Copper Cookware

Copper transmits heat well so it adapts to heat changes very fast. This is why it is excellent for cooking everything except ingredients that are too acidic or alkalic, because copper is rather reactive to these substances.

Copper cookware needs to be polished regularly. This is to avoid corrosion and to maintain the shimmery surface of copper. Copper is a really reactive element so other than polishing to prevent corrosion, you have to ensure that your cookware is always dry. This means wiping your cookware dry after each wash because even a small droplet of water would give way to discoloration.

The alternative to pure copper cookware would be cookware with copper cores. This means you would have to choose between one of two options:

Clad Bonded Copper Core Cookware

These cookware have copper cores. Other that aluminium, copper is one of the most thermally sensitive material that can be used in cookware. Boasting even heating and precise heat sensitivity, copper would make excellent cores.

Clad bonded cookware sandwich a copper core between two different metallic layers to utilize the excellent thermal conductivity of copper while using hardier metals that need less maintenance.

Tri-Ply Copper Core Cookware
Conventional tri-ply cookware have a copper exterior, an aluminium core and a stainless steel interior. This type of copper cookware utilize the strengths of different types of metals to create a better overall cookware.

Copper heats up fast and aluminium boasts even heat delivery. When theses two metals are merged with a nonreactive stainless steel interior, you’ll be able to cook almost anything on this surface.

Other types of cookware like hard anodized cookware and non stick cookware are generally more budget friendly, find out what is the best cookware for you before buying.

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